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Our Process

 Here’s how the W3B Galaxy team works to find scammed funds and resolve online security issues

Cryptocurrency Scam

Most cryptocurrency scams revolve around portfolio managers and companies soliciting investments, promising large returns within a short time. We’ll need details of your conversation with the scammer and other sensitive info. But, if you’ve sent a sizable amount of crypto to a fake entity, we can help you recover it. Get in touch with us now.

Forex Trading Scams

Forex scammers often take advantage of trader inexperience. The lack of regulation across the board also contributes to the high rate of Forex scams. We have a dedicated department that focuses solely on forex, over-the-counter (OTC) scams. Discuss the incident with any one of our Forex recovery experts today.

Charity Scams

We’ve seen many cases where scammers take advantage of your generosity, posturing as a charity case. They may ask for a public donation, or maybe they even contacted you through a private means.

We’ve also experienced cases where scammers pose as agents of popular charities to swindle unsuspecting givers. We can help you find the justice you seek. Our dedicated tracking team will trace and recover your lost funds quickly.

Binary Options Scams

Sure there are legal, government-regulated brokerages in USA offering online services. But there are many unregulated companies out there providing binary options. Unfortunately, they only work to swindle innocent binary options traders of their capital.

While you may understand the financial jargon of a binary options scam, we have an in-house expert that does. This means we can take a microscope to your transactions, and trace and recover your lost money.

Funds Tracking

We trace all types of lost funds, including cryptocurrency and digital assets. At W3B Galaxy, we invest heavily in cybersecurity hardware. Our access to the latest tracking and tracing tools, plus the expertise of our skilled team means we can find all lost funds.

Our funds tracking services cover online investments, fake transactions, financial app hacks, wrong crypto transactions, etc. We’ve recovered $8.7 million+ for different clients across North America and the rest of the world. Let’s use our extensive experience to track and recover your lost funds.

Fraud Investigation

You know that point where you know someone is stealing from you but can’t seem to figure out how they’re doing it. W3B Galaxy is the seasoned eye that’ll help you put the big picture together. As the leading provider of funds recovery and cybersecurity services, our services include fraud investigation for companies and individuals.

Our certified investigation team will collaborate with in-house hackers to provide solutions to internet fraud, financial fraud, identity fraud, inventory theft, and corporate scams.

Business Email Security (BES)

BEC scams have skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. The reason is that BES scams are easy to create and require little to no technical skills. Another reason why BES scams are so widespread is that they’re difficult to spot.

W3B Galaxy can protect and monitor your email. Our advanced security network will protect against hacks, phishing scams, and data leaks. We also offer recovery services for deleted or hacked Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, and corporate addresses.

Asset Trace

Are you looking to find static or post mobile assists? As long as it’s connected to the internet, you have a high chance of finding lost assets. We offer the best digital and on-field asset trace agents to find lost assets.

We can securely monitor your assets as you move them from point A to B. And if you suspect that your assets have been hidden from you, please get in touch with us to assign our asset tracing intelligent team ASAP.

Blockchain and Wallet Recovery

Did you lose your crypto wallet details or is your account hacked or compromised in any way? With a 92.5% success rate, W3B Galaxy is the perfect team to help you recover your lost wallet.

Our ethical hacking and cryptography team can trace funds transferred out of your account and recover them. Our high success rate with recovering lost funds is thanks to our partnerships with crypto management outfits across the globe. We promise delivery of your crypto wallet in less than 72 hours. Let’s get started right away!

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Free Expert Consultation

The goal here is to ensure you’re the victim of a scam or lost funds case. Get in touch with us via any one of the contact channels below, and one of our specialists will reply within minutes. We’ll discuss the specifics of your issue on the spot and start to draft a recovery plan to help you. This knowledge will help us provide a concrete plan for solving the issue.

Review and Designation

Here’s where your dedicated W3B Galaxy manager will get to work. They’ll request documentation, correspondence, and other sensitive data to assist the search. The manager will compile the evidence, assign the tracking or investigation to a dedicated team and stay on top of the job.

Project Delivery

We’ll provide an update on the job every twelve hours. You can also contact us at any time of the day for a quick progress report. We’ll work behind the scenes, using advanced software, data combining, analytical bugs, and ethical hacking infrastructure to find your lost funds and recover your assets. Our services include collaborations with your broker, banks, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders. We won’t stop until we recover your funds.