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W3B Galaxy is the leading provider of crypto and financial security services in the United States of America. The major difference between our competitors and us is experience — and we have tons of it.

From top to bottom, our team of financial asset trackers, ethical hackers, and crypto recovery specialists are hand-picked with a premium on experience and professional service. The result is a well-drilled crypto recovery company with five decades of experience finding and recovering lost funds across different verticals.

W3B Galaxy has an extensive excellence track record. This consistency and adherence to advanced industry standards are why we’re fully certified by regulators like the FTC and CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency).

We understand the delicacy of cybersecurity issues like cyber-bullying, lost crypto funds, and asset trace. Therefore, a financial recovery expert is always on hand to discuss your situation and provide viable solutions FREE of charge.

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Find and Recover Your Lost Crypto Assets – Why Choose W3B Galaxy

At W3B Galaxy, it’s always about YOU. The company was born on the back of needing lost fund recovery services and being unable to find an adequate provider. More than most, we understand the pain of losing crypto funds and wallets. We know how critical funds tracking, and investigation can be.

Unlike many other crypto and fund recovery specialists, we can put ourselves in your shoes. That’s why we’re able to provide top-quality services every time. Here’s what to expect when you choose W3B Galaxy to help you find lost crypto funds:

24/7 Attention

At W3B Galaxy, we use a one-manager-per-client approach. Once you sign the dotted line, we’ll assign a dedicated manager to your case. We understand how nervous and anxious losing your hard-earned funds can be.


With 12+ years of experience in the cybersecurity and anti-scamming industry. We know the playbook of crypto and asset scammers. More importantly, we know how to counter it and resolve the online security issue. Our team includes ethical hackers, developers, trackers, cryptographers, and analysts with multiple years of experience. They’ve been there and done it. They can do it for you too.

Speedy Delivery

Speed is a key aspect of finding and recovering lost funds. The same also applies when dealing with incidences of identity theft and cyberbullying. That’s why we often urge clients to contact us as soon as the incident happens. And on our part, we’ll provide speedy tracking and online security services. We get to work immediately.

Discreet Services

Our adherence to all data regulation and protection acts means we never suffer security breaches. Plus, we use a shredder and data dump to get rid of your information after doing the job. We understand the delicacy of situations involving large sums of money and online bullying. Therefore, we go the extra mile to protect your identity and ensure total online safety. Our proven system is set up to help you deal with your online security issue quickly and with zero stress. This is the part where you relax because you’re now in safe hands. Book a FREE consultation session with us today.